by VampyrAlex


Pairing: Ezra/Chris
Category: OW
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The characters from Mag7 belong to MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy.
Author's notes: Thanks to DarkCherry, Kris and Sherri for beta'ing this.
Summary: Ezra wakes up alone and goes in search of his lover.

Love will find its way through paths where wolves would fear to prey.
-Lord Byron, The Giaour, 1813

Ezra woke up suddenly, not certain what had caused him to struggle to full consciousness. Then he heard it again -- a wolf howling, not that far from the cabin. His hand touched the empty space beside him where his lover should be sleeping, and frowned. Chris was not there.

Opening his eyes, he propped up on his elbow and looked around the room; there was no sign of the other man. Feeling a strange sense of foreboding, Ezra rose from the bed, donning his pants and shirt, leaving it open. He left the room, padding softly while looking for the other man. Chris was not in the cabin either.

He hesitated briefly before going outside in search of his lover; things were still new between them and he was loathe to bother the other man if he was merely looking for some peace and quiet.

He was still having a hard time believing Chris loved him. Three weeks earlier, when Chris had been shot, Ezra had snuck into the clinic thinking the other man was under the influence of one of Nathan's concoctions. He had confessed his feelings, opening up his heart to the man he had thought unconscious. He had nearly passed out when warm, amused eyes had opened up to look straight at him. He had been even more surprised when Chris had suddenly pulled him closer and had given him such an intense kiss he had nearly stopped breathing.

The wolf howled anew and Ezra made up his mind; he would go looking for Chris, he might be in danger. He left the cabin, thankful there was a full moon to illuminate the way.

"Chris? Chris, where are you?" he shouted, squinting into the darkness surrounding him.

He kept walking, his heart lurching painfully at the thought that something had happened to his lover. He stopped abruptly, feeling someone watching him. He listened intently, his breath quickening when he heard something in the shadows, swearing under his breath as he realized he had left his guns inside.

"Chris? This is not amusing! Chris?"

A low growl was his only answer. The wolf. The animal was watching him, probably waiting for the best moment to attack, and he had no means of protection.

"You fool," he berated himself, exhaling sharply as he heard soft footsteps coming closer. "Oh, my Lord," he whispered as the creature stepped out of the shadows.

It was not a wolf, not really. It looked like a wolf, it was covered in fur, but it walked on two legs and its shape was mainly human. A werewolf. He had heard of such creatures, but had always thought them to be old wives tales. And now, standing before him, stood one of the mythical beings, larger than life, with glowing eyes and bared teeth.

The werewolf growled, taking a step towards him. Ezra backed away slowly, careful not to make any hasty moves. Just as the werewolf was about to come closer, an owl cried out somewhere in the distance. The creature tilted his head towards the sound, sniffing the air for any possible threats.

Ezra didn't think twice; taking advantage of the werewolf's distraction, he turned and ran towards the cabin. He heard an angry growl and knew the creature was after him. He managed to reach the cabin, rushing inside and locking the door behind him. He leaned against it, panting desperately for air, hoping his pursuer would desist from the chase.

It was not meant to be. He heard a howl, then the werewolf was throwing himself against the wooden barrier separating them. A few collisions and the door was beginning to give.

Knowing the door wouldn't hold on for much longer, Ezra ran to the bedroom, locking himself in and sitting on the bed. He heard the front door crash, then the soft sound of nails on the wooden floor; the creature was inside the cabin. For what felt like an eternity there was no further noise, he began to hope the werewolf had given up.

His illusions were soon shattered. The bedroom door rattled powerfully as the heavy bulk of the werewolf collided against it. Realizing that door was the last defense between him and an agonizing death, Ezra rushed to the door, leaning all his weight against it, knowing it was useless, but unable to give up without a fight.

The battle didn't last long. The werewolf was stronger and the wood was old and not meant to withstand such harsh treatment. Ezra suddenly found himself propelled onto the bed as the door finally crashed on the floor, the loud noise deafening in the small room.

His breath catching in his throat, Ezra watched as the creature's eyes met his. He stood frozen as the werewolf walked closer to the bed, growling quietly. Coming out of his daze, he scrambled back, leaning against the headboard, but it was useless. The werewolf jumped on the bed, crawling upwards until they were a hairsbreadth apart.

Ezra closed his eyes wearily; it was over. He could feel the creature's breath on his cheek, the purring sound continuous now, as if it was enjoying their cat and mouse game. A paw pushed him on his back, surprisingly gentle in spite of its claws, and he obeyed dejectedly.

Swallowing hard, he felt the werewolf blanketing his body, nuzzling his neck lightly, sniffing his scent. He whimpered as the creature's tongue lapped at the sweat that clung to his skin, and it growled. He forced himself to remain perfectly still, his mind still hoping to escape the nightmare somehow.

He shuddered as he felt the werewolf's teeth close around his flesh. The creature nipped him gently on the neck, the purr louder now, and he made himself go limp. He waited for the final blow that would end his life, but after a few terrifying moments realized the werewolf didn't seem in any hurry to kill him.

Ezra kept quiet, barely breathing, knowing any sudden motion might alter the werewolf's mind. Time went by slowly and nothing changed. The werewolf kept nipping at his neck, purring softly, but not making any moves to finish him. Against his will, Ezra felt himself being to relax, the fear and panic slowly leaving his body and leaving him drained and exhausted.

Dawn came and still the werewolf didn't leave or kill him. Finally accepting whatever fate came his way, Ezra allowed sleep to overtake him, hoping it wouldn't be his last journey into Morpheus' arms.



He woke up to gentle hands carding through his hair. He hummed contentedly, stretching wantonly as the morning sun bathed and warmed his body. He snuggled up to Chris, then frowned as he realized the other man's whole being irradiated tautness and fear. Why would his lover fear anything? What was there to fear?

He gasped, sitting up abruptly, as he remembered the werewolf and the terrifying night. "Chris?" he whispered, watching the other man's defeated stand as he rose from the bed. "W-what --? The werewolf --? Are you unharmed?" he stuttered through the questions.

Chris kept his distance, but nodded curtly. "I'm fine, Ezra."

"Where were you? I thought --" Ezra swallowed hard, remembering the sorrow he had felt as he thought the creature had killed his lover. "What happened? Please, talk to me?" he pleaded, holding out his hand for the other man. "Why did you leave? Was it because I insisted on staying here last night when you wished me to remain back in Four Corners?"

Chris reached for his hand, sitting back on the bed and looking sadly into his eyes. "Ezra, the reason why I didn't want you to come to the cabin with me yesterday was because of the werewolf."

Ezra frowned. "I don't understand."

"*I'm* the werewolf!" Chris blurted in a rough voice. "I was bitten by a wolf two years ago. Every full moon I turn into that... that 'thing', there's nothin' I can do. That's why I have this cabin, to be away from town. And that's why I didn't want you to come home with me."

Ezra opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. As amazing as Chris' tale was, he believed him. He was merely at a loss as what to say. Finally he cleared his throat. "Is that... Is that why you didn't harm me?" he ventured.

That brought a sad, but genuine smile to the other man's face. "I could never hurt you, Ezra. Man or wolf, you're my mate. Even as that creature I recognized your scent, knew who you were. I'll never hurt ya."

Ezra nodded in understanding, only now were the werewolf's actions making any sense. He looked out the window, watching the beautiful morning and knowing the other man was waiting for him to leave. He turned back to stare at his lover, then suddenly grinned.

"I believe it would be wise for me to remain in Four Corners during the next full moon," he quipped, enjoying the confusion taking over the other man's face.

"You... you still want me?" Chris asked incredulously.

"I love you, Chris. You said it yourself, we are mates. We will merely have to work around this... situation of yours."

He smiled gently as Chris laid back on the bed, covering his body just as the night before his wolf half had done. Their eyes met, the emotions there speaking louder than words. They regarded each other for a long moment before their lips met, mouths sealing together in a long, hungry kiss. And as he lost himself in Chris' passion, Ezra knew he would be forever safe in the other man's arms and life. Man or wolf, he had found his mate.





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