One Day In The Wild
by VampyrAlex


Pairing: Ezra/Chris/Vin
Category: ATF
Sequel/Series: This is a sequel to One Night in New Orleans
Rating: NC-17 for explicit m/m sex.
Disclaimer: The characters from Mag7 belong to MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy.
Author's notes: This is for Sherri. Thanks for the beta'ing, hon.
Summary: The guys go on a week retreat into the wilderness.

Chris Larabee fought his way slowly back to consciousness. His whole body was sore and he felt weak as a kitten. His mind still sluggish, he tried to recall the reason why he was currently sandwiched between his two lovers naked bodies.

He remembered the hectic case load of the last months, and DA Travis' decision to send them on a week retreat into the wilderness to 'relax', even under Ezra's solemn promise of revenge. It would be a week living at their most basic -- no modern commodities, luxury or technology to help them out in any way.

Just a tent, sleeping bags, and the necessary tools to allow them to hunt, fish or gather whatever fruits they could find. The Seven had then been divided into two teams; Chris, Vin, and Ezra on one side. Josiah, Nathan, Buck, and JD on the other.

The first few days had been surprisingly agreeable, even if Ezra had complained relentlessly about having to be there. Two days earlier, things had gone sour. The weather had changed radically, rain pouring down from the skies from morning till night. The scarce food they had managed to collect was soon gone. They had been forced to leave the meager shelter the tent provided to search for further nourishment.

And thus his trouble had began. The three men had decided to fish. Reaching the river, and while setting the gear, Chris had suddenly slipped on a rock and plunged into the icy waters. When the other two had finally managed to get him out, he was frozen to the bone and in serious danger of dying of hypothermia.

Semiconscious, he had felt Vin and Ezra drag him back to their camp and strip him of his clothes -- and theirs -- in an effort to share body heat, the best way to rise his temperature.

So there he was, hours later. He was no longer cold. In fact he was feeling quite warm and comfortable. Lying on top of Ezra, arms wrapped loosely around the Southerner's waist, Vin draped over his back and gently nuzzling his hair.

He tried, he really tried. To ignore the slow, shallow breaths against his cheek, the two hard cocks currently poking at him. But he couldn't. Moaning softly, he undulated his body sensually, rubbing against Ezra's warm frame and feeling Vin's shaft slip between his cheeks.

Grinning wickedly at the sudden panting coming from both of his lovers, he moved again, bucking backwards against Vin, then thrusting into Ezra. He felt Vin shift, brushing his hair softly. "Cowboy?"

His answer was to nuzzle his face into Ezra's chest, licking the smooth flesh with slow, catlike strokes. He tasted a cinnamon nipple, causing Ezra to moan and writhe beneath him as he moved from one hard nub to the other. He knew he had been understood when Vin's fingers trailed across the cleft of his ass.

Lost in the pleasure, Chris captured Ezra's soft lips, dueling with the younger man's tongue and moaning helplessly as Vin nibbled his ear, grinding his hips against his ass. Vin's movements pushed him further into Ezra, both men crying out into the kiss as their cocks ground together.

His lips were abruptly released, giving him barely enough time to hold his weight on his hands as both Ezra and Vin suddenly moved down. He whimpered loudly as his lovers licked and nipped their way down his body, one at the front, the other at the back. He cried out as Vin's tongue darted out, tasting the puckered entrance to his body. Ezra nibbled on his stomach, playing with his belly button, licking his balls and the insides of his thighs before taking his shaft into his mouth.

The warm mouth pleasuring him and the tongue piercing him were driving him quickly to the edge of orgasm. It had been a long time since the three had been able to indulge in wild, unrestrained sex, and he knew he wouldn't last long. He growled low in his throat as Ezra swirled his tongue over his cock wantonly, playing with him, while Vin spread his cheeks wider and pushed his tongue deeper.

"God!" he whimpered, his sweat-sheened body straining between the two men holding him captive. He wanted the torture to stop; he needed the pleasure to never end.

He felt Vin searching for something in their gear, then suddenly Ezra drew away, moving up until he was back beneath him. Chris smiled down into the green eyes gazing up lovingly at him, then gasped as his legs were spread apart and a coated finger slipped inside him. He moaned, thrusting down into Ezra, desperate to increase the friction between their bodies.

Ezra chuckled and grabbed his hips, holding him immobile as Vin stretched him. He strained against the restraint, hips bucking as a second finger followed the first, rubbing his prostate. A third digit joined the others and he was prepared carefully, aroused to the brink of madness, until he was left whimpering between the two men who held his body as they held his heart. Securely.

The fingers were removed, hands tenderly stroked up and down his flanks, banking the fire within. Movement from behind him, then Vin pushed inside him in one smooth slide, making him growl again. Vin began to thrust, almost pulling out, then sliding back in with gentle thrusts at first, building up to a driving beat that drove Chris into Ezra, their weeping shafts rubbing together.

He met each thrust, bucking into Vin, feeling Ezra arch up to match his rhythm. His mouth latched onto the side of Ezra's neck, sucking gently, feeling the other man thrashing wildly beneath him as he orgasmed, his seed bathing both their bodies.

The feeling of Ezra's come on his skin was the final bit of stimulation, and he came explosively with a muffled moan, his whole body convulsing, Vin following close behind, coming deeply inside his body.

They fell into the sleeping bag in a tangled heap, panting for air, hands caressing cooling skin in a reaffirmation of their love. He sighed contentedly in the middle, feeling his lovers snuggling closer.

"Still wish you were somewhere else, Ezra?" he finally asked.

"Not at the moment, no. But I will still get my revenge on AD Travis. We could be doing this somewhere else entirely. Preferably somewhere with a soft bed and room-service."

Vin chuckled. "Just consider yourself lucky we didn't have an audience like last time, Ez. Havin' sex while drugged out of our minds, in the middle of the street and during Mardi Gras, wasn't exactly one of our finest moments."

"No," Chris agreed. "But I enjoyed the benefits. The three of us coming together. No pun intended," he finished with a grin. He frowned suspiciously at Ezra's pensive expression. "What?"

Ezra leered, then winked at him. "Just wondering where out next tryst will be. I do believe it's Vin's turn to... uh, accommodate us."

Vin looked almost scared. "Don't get any ideas, Ez. The only place I'll ever accommodate you both is behind closed doors."

"Oh, I don't know," Chris purred. "I was thinking we could join the 'Mile High Club'. Always wanted to do it in a plane."

"There's absolutely no way the three of us would fit in those small cubicles, Chris. I was thinking more in the lines of trying the public toilet in that new gay club, 'Siren'. Maybe in the locker room at the gym, or the sauna," Ezra said, grinning.

"Good idea," Chris piped in. "Or on the beach, first row at the movies, the library Nettie and Casey rent books from... What else?" he asked, pretending to ignore Vin's horrified expression.

"I know!" Ezra beamed suddenly. "AD Travis' office!"

"No!" Vin shouted.

"Yes!" Chris smirked.

"Oh, no... Guys, come on. Ya kiddin', right? Chris? Ez? Please? Not Travis' office! Please?"





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