Sweet Delight
by VampyrAlex


Pairing: Ezra/Chris
Category: ATF
Rating: NC-17 for explicit m/m sex.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, this story is strictly for fun, not profit.
Sequel/Series: Sequel to Love Is A Battlefield

Author's notes: A huge thank you to my wondeful betas Sherri and Tess for going through this story for me. Any final mistakes are mine.

Summary: The chocolate syrup and whip cream scene you didn't get to read in Love Is A Battlefield.

Chris lay naked on the king size bed, feeling drowsy and tired. He had promised to love the stuffing out of Ezra, but after the delicious dinner they shared at their favorite restaurant, the two bottles of wine they wasted, and all the stress from the long day, he wasn't certain if he was up to the task. No pun intended.

Eyes closed, he heard the familiar sound of cloth brushing over silken skin; Ezra was undressing. The mattress shifted as Ezra sat beside him, and Chris opened his eyes to see his lover holding a bottle of chocolate syrup in his hand.

"Ezra," he began.

A chocolate-covered finger teased over his lips. "No speaking," Ezra ordered softly. "Just lie back and relax. I'll take care of you tonight, my dark angel."

Feeling his gut tighten at the command, Chris nodded his acceptance. He moaned helplessly as a warm, moist mouth captured his and Ezra's deft tongue licked at the chocolate smearing his lips.

Breathless, they separated and Ezra reached for one of Chris' hands, dripping a few drops of syrup onto the palm and digits. Grinning wickedly, he took a fingertip into his mouth and began to suck lightly. Chris let out a gasp at the erotic sensation, inhaling sharply as Ezra lapped at the sweetness, nipping softly at his skin, moving from finger to finger, from palm to wrist, before doing the same with his other hand.

More syrup dribbled onto his torso and Chris jerked, breath catching as Ezra began to follow the thin trails of liquid chocolate with his tongue, exploring every inch of Chris' body. Leaving not a drop of syrup behind, the talented lips, teeth and tongue traveled over the rippling muscles on his chest and his taut stomach, clever fingers adding to the assault by constantly stroking and caressing until Chris was nearly out of his mind with need.

But Ezra was the one in the driver's seat this time, so Chris could do little more than utter inarticulate tones and clasp the sheets in a white-knuckled grip, as every feather-like kiss, every nip, every teasing lick, took him higher and higher until he thought he would die from such intense pleasure.

Ezra's voice cut through the fog, easing some of the tension in Chris' frame, "And now, for the 'piece de resistance'."

Chris looked up to see his lover holding a can of whip cream over his cock, mewling as Ezra covered his erection with the creamy substance, from the base to the head. A saucy grin graced Ezra's lips as he took a long lick, then another, swirling his tongue across the length of Chris' shaft, eyes closing as he hummed in appreciation.

"Bastard," Chris panted, desperate to feel that hot mouth wrapped around his cock.

Ezra gave him a mock scowl. "Now, now, sir. No need for such foul language and I do believe I said there would be no speaking allowed." He made a 'tsking' sound. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you for disobeying me."

An evil grin and Ezra swallowed his cock deep in his throat, and then suddenly released it with a succulent sucking noise. Chris shouted at the swift motion, a string of curses escaping him as his lover left him wanting yet again.

"Ezra," he gritted out of his clenched teeth. "I swear I'll -- Oh, shit!" he groaned loudly, arching off the bed as Ezra breathed gently onto his shaft.

"No speaking," Ezra reminded him again. "Behave, and I will give you what you want. Challenge me, and it will take a long time. I have all night," he finished with a grin.

Resisting the urge to throw Ezra on his back and fuck him through the mattress, Chris shut his mouth, sighing in relief as his lover continued his ministrations, taking the head of his cock into his mouth. He jerked as Ezra's tongue flicked over the slit, before beginning to lick and suck in earnest, until Chris was thrusting urgently into the warm cave, his cries getting louder and louder the closer he got to the edge.

When a hand cupped his balls suddenly, rolling them expertly in the sac, he finally surrendered to his lover's touch. Shouting Ezra's name, he came, body convulsing spastically as he poured his essence into his lover's mouth, long, powerful pulses that left him exhausted and limp on the bed.

"Shit," he whispered when he was able to breathe again.

"Not over yet," Ezra assured him. "Turn around."

Obeying that order took some doing, since his limbs refused to cooperate. Finally, he lay sprawled on his stomach, eyes closed, pliant and sated, and wondering what his wicked lover still had in store for them.

A finger ghosted over the nape of his neck, tracing down his back leisurely to the base of his spine, creeping over the cleft of his buttocks briefly, before disappearing. A thick, drizzling liquid trailed from his shoulder blades to the crevice between his ass cheeks, and Chris knew the chocolate syrup was back. Then Ezra was on him again, licking, tasting, nibbling, and Chris felt himself respond to his lover's seduction, his cock hardening at the maddening stimulus.

He bucked with a groan, Ezra's love and lust consuming him whole, leaving him breathless and weak to do anything more than to submit. The same thorough concentration from before was used to clear the chocolate from his back, and by the time Ezra's tongue reached his buttocks, Chris was moaning and whimpering continuously, biting into a pillow in frustration.

A half-sob caught in his throat as Ezra finally focused on his puckered opening, lapping at the syrup there, small nips and licks driving Chris wild, leaving him begging shamelessly for more. He tried bucking again, wanting more contact, but Ezra only chuckled, holding him down firmly by pressing hard on his hips.

Obviously enjoying torturing him, Ezra licked at his tight channel, taking his time, ignoring every growled threat, plea or promise Chris made to get him to move faster. Just when Chris was beginning to despair, the slick tongue drove inwards, piercing him over and over again, while Chris thrashed and writhed at the gut-wrenching sensation.

He moaned a protest as the tongue left him, but soon two lube-coated fingers were pressing into him, stretching him for his lover's shaft. When the hard length finally impaled him, Chris cried out in ecstasy, parting his legs even further and moving back until his lover was fully inside.

Ezra reached for his hands, linking their fingers together and then he was thrusting into Chris, a fast, desperate rhythm, both of them too far gone to last long. They came together, Chris' climax heightened by the feel of his lover's seed flowing inside him, branding him as Ezra's.

Chris collapsed on the bed, panting harshly, too tired to even open his eyes. He felt Ezra pull out tenderly, slumping next to him and throwing a sheet over their cooling bodies. Chris forced himself to move, half-climbing on top of Ezra, using his lover's shoulder for a pillow, their legs entwined.

"My turn next time," he whispered sleepily, fingers brushing over Ezra's smooth chest, "vanilla ice cream, maybe mocha."

"You're on," was the last thing he heard, recognizing the contentment in the beloved voice, knowing it matched his own.





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