The Beginning
by VampyrAlex


Pairing: Ezra/Vin
Category: New AU/ National Crime Organization
Rating: NC-17 for explicit m/m sex.
Disclaimer: The characters from Mag7 belong to MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy, which is a damn shame. If they were mine, we'd be having more episodes. No copyright infringement intended, this story is strictly for fun, not profit.
Author's notes: My first M7 story. Thanks to DarkCherry and Kris for beta'ing this baby and to Greenwoman and Judy for their help.
Summary: Two strangers meet in a bar.

Four Corners, present time

Vin Tanner let his blue eyes roam over the bar as he took another sip from his beer. The place was packed, the dance floor filled with masculine bodies glistening with sweat, hips bumping and gyrating to the deafening music surrounding them. He watched the crowd, enjoying the view of pants stretched tight across firm buttocks and groins, muscled bare chests or hairy torsos displayed in open shirts or tight t-shirts.

He knew he shouldn't have come to that gay bar, there was always a chance someone from his line of work might recognize him and try to blackmail him. Not that many governmental or law enforcement organizations were liberal regarding bisexuality and he wasn't about to chance it. But he was new in town, and about to start a new job, so he might as well make use of his temporary anonymity.

His attention settled on a new arrival. His gaze lingered over the graceful body, enjoying the way the tight black pants hugged slim, but powerful hips and thighs. An emerald-green silk shirt flowed easily around a firm torso as the stranger moved through the throng of grinding bodies. Chestnut brown hair framed a handsome face, amused pale green eyes gazed back at him. Questioning.

Vin smiled, seeing the answering grin in the man's face as he sauntered through the sea of people, coming closer until they were chest to chest.

"Dance?" Vin asked softly, into the other man's ear.

The green-eyed man nodded, resting his hands on Vin's hips and beginning to sway to the hypnotic beat provided by the DJ. Vin followed his lead, wrapping his arms around the other man's smaller frame, moving his body to the rhythm of the music, brushing against the other man slowly, sensually. Their eyes remained locked, arousal building with each caressing touch.

Vin felt his body respond to the other's proximity and musky scent. His cock was beginning to ache, constricting his pants and hindering his movements. He knew then that he wanted to bed the man in his arms. He looked into the unusual eyes and smiled. "I'm Vin Ta..." he started, but the other man put a fingertip over his mouth silencing the words.

"Please..." the green-eyed man pleaded softly, a southern accent clear in his tone. "No last names. I'm Ezra."

Vin's arms tightened around Ezra's waist in compliance as his hands slid over the lithe body. He cupped the handsome face between his hands and lowered his mouth to taste the alluring lips. The green-eyed man moaned and surrended to Vin's kiss, opening up and allowing the questioning tongue inside to plunder and mate with his.

They clutched at each other in sudden desperation, arms tightening possessively, hands roaming everywhere, frantic with need. Vin was groaning through the incredible kiss, lost in the pleasure, oblivious to their surroundings. Eventually, Ezra pulled away, panting for air.

Vin felt unable to look away from the green eyes staring back at him with a mix of lust and longing. He felt warm hands sliding up the sides of his neck and around the back of his head until they locked on his hair, caressing his scalp.

"Let's go," Vin said abruptly.

"Go?" the other man repeated, but the amusement was back in his eyes.

"Go," Vin nodded. "My place is near here."

Ezra smiled slightly. "Very well. Shall we?" he gestured towards the door.

"My car is right outside, we'll be there in five minutes," Vin stated, snaking an arm around the man's waist as they swam against the current of people moving towards them.

Ezra chuckled softly at his eagerness, but otherwise remained silent as they headed out of the bar. The cold night air was a shock after the steamy bar, and Vin felt his companion shudder at the temperature drop. He steered Ezra to his car and soon they were on their way to his house.

As Vin promised, the ride didn't take more than five minutes, then they were walking into his apartment building, climbing up to the second floor.

"Come in. Don't pay any attention to the mess, I just moved in today," Vin told the other man, and watched him nod as he took in his surroundings. "You want anythin' to drink?"

"A libation?" the green-eyed man grinned. "Certainly. Whiskey?"

Vin nodded, smiling back. "Whiskey it is," he returned to the living room with two glasses, handing one to the Southerner.

They sat in silence for a moment, enjoying their drinks. Allowing the awareness of what was to come to rise before either of them acknowledged it. Vin placed his glass on the table and turned to Ezra, wrapping his arms around him and burying his face into the arched neck, before capturing the soft mouth under his. They kissed and nibbled at each other, taking their time, enjoying the slow building fire of their passion.

Without a word, they moved hand-in-hand into the bedroom. They stood face-to-face, gazing into each other's eyes, until Ezra finally took the lead by slowly taking his clothes off, then laying naked on the covers with a wanton grin.

Vin allowed himself a moment to run his hungry gaze over the beautiful body displayed so sensually for his pleasure. Then he took his own clothes off, sensing Ezra's lust-filled eyes on him. He joined the other man on the bed, blanketing him with his longer frame. They kissed again, hands touching each other without reservations, learning each other's secrets, giving each other pleasure.

Vin started to rain kisses from Ezra's lips to his neck, nibbling on the soft skin until it bruised. He nipped one earlobe on the way down, licking and nibbling every bit of skin he could reach, unleashing his passion on the willing body trembling beneath him. Traveling south, he found a nipple and caught it lightly between his teeth, biting gently until it was hard, then used his tongue to soften the bite. Once Ezra was writhing under him, he moved to the other nipple, and gave it the same tender treatment, enjoying his victim's increasing groans and whimpers.

Proceeding with his journey, Vin nipped the ribcage on the way to the navel, paying homage to the delicate button by plunging his tongue inside; rimming it, then nibbling the edge until the other man was gripping the bed covers with white-knuckled hands.

Taking pity on his lover, Vin finally turned his gaze to Ezra's hard, throbbing cock. He licked it once, before taking the head into his mouth and sucking, causing a cry and a thrust of hips from the green-eyed man. Grabbing the pumping hips in his hands, he let the cock slide down his throat, licking and nipping lightly. He kept a steady rhythm and it didn't take long before Ezra came in his mouth with a wordless shout. Vin swallowed every drop of his seed, before crawling up to kiss the other man, allowing him to taste himself on his lips.

"Good Lord!" Ezra whispered brokenly.

Vin chuckled slightly, his hands moving to the other man's ass, caressing and squeezing the firm mounds. "We ain't done yet," he stated, before going down on the sensual body again and nibbling the green-eyed man's inner thighs. He spread Ezra's legs further apart and stroked over his balls with his tongue, teasing the sensitive skin with long, soft licks.

He snatched a small tube from under a pillow and coated his fingers with the lube. Using one of his fingers, he probed gently between Ezra's cheeks, moving back and forth, circling the tight channel again and again, as his lover pressed against the digit. He slid his finger into the puckered opening, smoothing the gel inside as Ezra moved against his digit moaning softly.

Vin added another finger, scissoring them, stretching and preparing Ezra for his already weeping shaft. A third digit joined the first two, twisting and turning until he was sure the other man was ready for him.

"Here we go," he whispered softly.

"Yes..." Ezra whispered back, his green eyes locking with Vin's blue ones.

Vin slipped his fingers free, coating his rock hard erection while closing his eyes to keep control of his wayward body. Taking a deep breath, he lifted Ezra's legs over his shoulders, setting himself at the entrance of the tight ring of muscle. He pushed forward gently, Ezra thrusting back against him until he was fully inside.

Capturing the delicious mouth anew, Vin kissed Ezra hungrily, thrusting into the pliant body beneath him. Deep, long thrusts, that had Ezra moaning with every stroke. He felt his balls tightening up against his body as he moved closer to the edge, and began thrusting harder and faster, feeling Ezra match him stroke for stroke.

Suddenly Ezra cried out his name, coming for the second time, spilling his seed over both of their bodies. His tight channel spasmed, gripping and releasing Vin as Ezra's orgasm consumed him. He was helpless to stop his own release, thrusting one last time into Ezra, before coming deeply inside his body.

Vin collapsed heavily against Ezra, almost comatose from his climax. Eventually, his cock slipped out of his lover's body, and Vin moved to lay on his back. He gathered the smaller man onto him, and they stayed silent in each other's arms, enjoying the post-coital laziness.

"Stay the night?" Vin asked, suddenly unwillingly to let the amazing man in his arms slip away so soon after their shared pleasure.

"Wouldn't dream of leaving," was the sighed reply, as they snuggled together and fell asleep wrapped in a gentle embrace.

When Vin woke up the next morning, he was alone. A red rose adorned the pillow next to him, a small note beside it.

"To my beautiful stranger," Vin read aloud. "Thank you for a most exquisite night. Perhaps we will meet again some day. Ezra."

He laid back down on the bed, remembering the amazing night of passion he and Ezra had shared. "Yeah..." he whispered with a smile. "Maybe we'll meet again."

Judge Orrin Travis stared out of his office window, feeling a mix of antecipation and dread. His baby project, his long time dream, was about to come true. The N. C. O., National Crime Organization, was finally taking flight and becoming a reality. A task force assembled to fight crime, operating from Four Corners, but able to perform anywhere in the country. Answering only to one man, the brains behind the idea, Travis himself.

At the moment only one team had been brought together, a seven man army with different backgrounds, but with the skills that would allow them to succeed in the arduous task ahead of them. He had chosen the team leader himself, Chris Larabee. Ex-Covert Ops, Larabee was a strong-willed man, possessing a glare capable of bringing the toughest of criminals to his knees. He was also fair and fiercely protective of the men he worked with. Just the kind of man the team would need to keep them working as a tight unit and running smoothly.

Travis glanced at the files resting on his table. He had allowed Larabee to pick the other men in the team. After all, Larabee would be the one responsible for the team's performance and he would need men he could trust under his command.

Sitting behind the desk he opened the first one and began to read. Vin Tanner, the first man recruited by Larabee and his second in command. Ex-Texas Ranger, ex-Army sniper, ex-bounty hunter, Tanner had been orphaned at an early age, living in an Indian reservation for a few years. Known to be a man of few words, intelligent and resourceful, his expertice would be of the utmost importance to the team.

The second file belonged to Buck Wilmington, ex-Covert Ops and ex-cop. Long time friend to Larabee, Wilmington had been working as a private detective when asked to join the team. His file reported numerous reprimands due to his skirt chasing, but he was considered trustworthy and extremely good at what he did by those who worked with him.

Third file came with the name Nathan Jackson. Jackson was on his way to becoming a doctor when it all fell apart. Caught in the middle of a street gang shootout, he was unable to save a friend's life after he got shot. Disillusioned, he gave up medicine and became a cop instead. Expert knife thrower, Jackson was working with the Major Crime division in Charleston, South Carolina, when he was summoned.

The next file was from Josiah Sanchez. A missionary's son, Sanchez was studying to be a preacher, but between his father's death and the ugliness of the world, lost his faith. Nathan's long time friend, he was with the Army Rangers when asked to join the team.

Travis opened another file. JD Dunne. The youngest of the team, recruited right out of Quantico. A computer and surveillance wizard. His classmates described him as impulsive, hyperactive and intelligent.

The last file belonged to the only man Larabee hadn't picked for his team. Ezra Standish had been arrested by Nathan Jackson during a bank robbery driving the getaway car. Having heard about it and thinking his underground connections might come in handy, Travis had offered him the chance to join the team instead of going to jail. Known conman and gambler, Ezra Standish was the son of Richard and Maude Standish, who run a very proficient crime empire spreading throughout several states. His father was currently doing time, leaving Maude to run the operation.

Standish was Travis' only concern regarding the team members. He was the bad element, the black sheep among them. It was a gamble Travis himself was taking as he recruited the man; he only hoped the whole thing didn't blow up in his face.

It was too late to back down either way. The seven men had begun to arrive in Four Corners the day before, settling in their new apartments and preparing for the new assignment. That afternoon would be their first meeting. His team was gathered and ready to begin the battle against crime. Seven men. One destiny.





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