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This page contains slash fanfiction, in other words ADULT MATERIAL. If you are under the age of consent for your location, or if you object to relationships between members of the same sex, please LEAVE



Rating: Slash, PG-15, mentioning of rape
Category: Angst, First Time
Characters: Ezra/Vin
Summary: When Ezra gets hurt, Vin realizes something
Completed: 11 April 2003


Rating: Slash, PG
Category: Modern open AU, Drama, First Time, Romance
Characters: Ezra/Chris
Summary: I watched 'Grease' and this bunny popped up. I can offer no other excuse
Completed: 9 June 2003

The Leak

Rating: Slash, R
Category: ATF, Case Story, Drama, First Time
Characters: Ezra/Buck
Summary: Some busts go wrong, and one of the Seven takes the blame
Completed: 25 December 2001

The Snake You Know
Winner of the 2003 Diamond Ezzie Award for Best OW Slash Fic - Zine Short

Rating: Slash, PG-13
Category: OW, Angst, Episode Related
Characters: Ezra/Chris
Summary: "Serpents" happened. This is the aftermath
Completed: 1 September 2001

To Learn the Difference

Rating: Slash, PG-15, mentioning of rape
Category: OW, Angst, First Time
Characters: Ezra/Vin, Buck/J.D. implied
Summary: Experience isn't always the best teacher
Completed: 11 April 2003

About Angels

Rating: Slash, PG
Category: ATF, Angst, Threesome
Characters: Chris/Ezra/Vin
Summary: Would you recognize an angel if you saw one?
Completed: 8 December 2002

The Idea
Mistresses of Malarkey 2005 Award Nominee for Best Gen Humor

Rating: Gen, PG
Category: ATF snippet, Humor
Characters: All Seven
Summary: A boring job - an idea ...
Completed: 14 June 2002

Looking for an Undercover Agent

Rating: Pre-Adult (Gen), PG
Category: ATF AU "Larabee's Stable"
Characters: Chris, Ez, Buck, Vin
Summary: One of the Seven is a woman
Completed: 8 June 2002

Undercover Dance

Rating: Het, R
Category: ATF AU "Larabee's Stable", Case Story, Sequel to Looking for an Undercover Agent
Characters: Ezra/Chris
Summary: Ezra is not the only one to be undercover in this case
Completed: 19 August 2002





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